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What are the trands in the tech industry 2021?

With great passion and an interest for new technologies and IT, we share trendy tech news and technologies [2021], always up-to-date. We provide new information that is currently trending, make blog posts as well as guides for using different kinds of cloud services. Are you tech-savvy and want to learn more? Take this opportunity to increase your knowledge in the tech sector! By following our guides you will get insight into how cloud services work, whether you are a developer or not.

Why do we exist?

We admire all new technology and everything in the tech-sector, and that's why we've started this information channel. Mainly to learn and share all knowledge to our readers about where the tech-sector is headed, how companies can digitalize their business and how to use different services on the web. There are constant changes of new trends and new niches/buzzwords such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Big Data, 5G, Blockchain and many more around us - but what are they exactly?

We think it is important that we all follow the new technology trends and our goal is to assist with bringing you the information. In addition to our blog posts every week, we also have a collection on various topics to read about, from fundamentals in cloud services to investments in the tech sector. Feel free to read our posts and check out our articles - we are also active on other platforms such as, Quora and Medium. Do you want to get in touch with us to comment, write guest posts or just share something interesting you are welcome to write to us, you'll find our contact details below About us.

What are the trends in the tech sector?

New articles on trending technology are coming all the time, cool startups and famous scale-ups are constantly evolving and there's a lot of useful insights. Find out more about tech trends; maybe you want to improve your own organization with the latest tech or you want advice on where to invest in the sector, this is a good way to keep up with the news. We will keep you updated with all the latest we find!

Learn the basics of cloud services

It's easy to get started with the basics of cloud services and there are many fundamental things that can be good to know. We have written a [The Ultimate Basic Guide for Amazon Web Services] where you can learn what the Cloud is, how it works, how to think about the security and how to work with the cloud.

Why should you move to the Cloud?

Switching to cloud services is an important step for many organizations and many companies are considering transferring their technologies to the cloud. You have probably already heard about what it is, maybe even looked around for different types of cloud services. What's the point of moving from there? Why moving from on-premise to a cloud service - there are many reasons to move to the cloud and and we will provide some useful insights and benefits with it. You can also read one of our post written the 5'th of October - 3 Reasons To Work In The Cloud.

How do prices differ between different cloud services?

Which are several different cloud providers and there are a handful which dominate the market. Major players such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM are leaders in the cloud sector and pricing varies greatly. It is difficult to make a good price comparison between these suppliers as the prices differ greatly depending on which type of service you use. The first step is to understand which type of cloud services are based on your needs. What are you going to use the cloud for? Is it virtual machines that should be running or do you just want a statistic website hosted? Do you want to access your data frequently or store it long term? Once you have found out your needs, it will be a lot easier to compare different cloud services and which ones to choose between. Here on Techpassenger you'll also find a comparison between different cloud services so you can get an overview of how to look and find the right one.