3 Reasons to move to the cloud

Tomek S.    October 5    5 min

Cloud computing has changed how businesses operate. It's a revolutionary development in technology, and it provides countless benefits. However, even today, many businesses are hesitant to move their operations on the cloud. This is partly due to a lack of awareness and partly due to misconceptions about the cloud. Thus, today, we are here to tell you why cloud computing is inevitable and why you should move shift to it right now.


1. Scalable and cost effective

In traditional computing, businesses set up their own servers. However, it is incredibly hard to predict your usage before deployment. Therefore, most companies end up either spending in excess or have to upgrade after a short time. This is where cloud computing shines; you pay for what you use. Thus, you will never pay in excess, and it will be readily scalable when needed. You can for instance look at the pandemic situation, how it changed the industry in a day. For those services that provided their services by using the cloud could easily scale thier service and pay for their needs. Later on when people go back to work, they can downgrade their amount of servers and with that decrease the cost. In contrast to the one who's on premise, had to increase their server capacity by installing new physical devices and manually take care of the load.

2. Higher security

There is a big misconception in some businesses that shifting their operations to the cloud is not secure. However, this is not the case. Cloud computing providers have the highest standards of maintaining their servers and keeping your data secure. Usually, the data is replicated on multiple locations. Thus, the data is not lost even if anything goes wrong with one of the servers.

3. Easier to collaborate

When all your data is stored in the cloud, it is available to everyone at the office. Therefore, file sharing is incredibly efficient and removes the need for manually transferring data. With the cloud, staff members around the world can collaborate in real-time, which is impossible with traditional computing.


It's easy to start

It is always good to be aware of what it is for opportunities and what there are for different reasons to test others services. Would you find the interest yourself but you feel not quite understood about how it works? Read our materials about how cloud services work and how to get started easily with it on its own. It is easy to set up your own cloud services on services such as AWS (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud platform) for free and we have a walk-through on the service proviced we recommend.

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