How COVID-19 Changed the Video Chat Industry

Tomek S.    October 24    5 min

After the novel coronavirus outbreak, also known as COVID-19, the whole world had to shift their work online. Due to the COVID-19, the offices and schools were closed, and everyone had to quarantine in their homes.

However, businesses and education had to continue even through the quarantine. This is where software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams save the day. All the meetings and school classes were shifting online. The meetings and classes that were meant to take place in offices and schools were now taking place on Zoom.

Saas-bolag Slack

High overnight increase

This meant that there was a surge in daily active users overnight for Zoom and MS Teams. Zoom went up from a daily 10 million users to 300 million users in a couple of weeks. This massive increase in traffic meant that the company had to take action to keep up with the demand.
Zoom used several different cloud providers such as AWS and Azure. However, to keep up with the high demand, they also had to make use of Oracle's cloud infrastructure. They are also trying to connect to as many data centers as they can. The situation with MS teams is also similar.

Time to scale up

These companies were able to scale quickly due to the availability of cloud services. As scaling up their own data centers is a lengthy process and limited due to the COVID-19 induced supply chain issues. This pandemic has also forced other companies to provide better video meeting software. This can be seen with the appearance of Skype Meet Now and WebEx meetings.

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