What Is Docker And Should You Use It?

Tomek S.    February 4   4 min

Docker was released back in 2013, and it has gained popularity rapidly. It is being used widely in the software industry and has become an essential tool. As the popularity grows for the usage of docker, we would like to explain to you what it is used for. Therefore, in this article we will explain the use cases of Docker.

To begin with, Docker is a container for software that can store all the code and its dependencies for an application. This means that applications are able to run smoothly and reliably on computers and even different computing environments.


Can't we just use a virtual machine?

When we’re running servers and applications online, there are some kind of virtual machines running our applications. They can be hosted in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid solutions (both cloud and on-premise). It’s easy to host a virtual machine in the cloud and we’ve written an article on how to host an virtual machine on EC2 AWS. A virtual machine is a full-fledged copy of a computer with its own operating system, applications, libraries, etc.

While virtual machines have worked out pretty fine, Docker gained its popularity as it is much faster, more efficient, and lighter than virtual machines, which were previously used for packaging applications. Docker takes a different approach and runs on top of the existing environment without any virtualization. This allows Docker to take significantly less storage and to provide a much better experience. You could launch your application on directly on AWS EC2 but if you prefer to use docker, you could use AWS services for deploying docker on AWS (Amazon Elastic Container Service).

Another reason why Docker is so popular is that it isolates the container from the environment it's running on. This means that the application in the container will run flawlessly regardless of the computer's operating system. Moreover, this allows for effortless deployment of the application to the cloud.

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