Should we use AWS: 3 Benefits with Amazon Web Services!

Tomek S.    November 13    4 min

Are you interested in cloud computing and you dont know which provider to start working with? There are tons of different cloud providers and all have their benefits. Many of the cloud providers have very similar services such as web hosting, storage and virtual machines - but how should you know which one to use? Tons of the cloud providers have their own advantages and in this topic we've gathered some benefits with one of the largest player - Amazon Web Services (AWS).
AWS was launched in 2003 after the company got the idea to use its infrastructure to provide cloud services and they have expanded since. Now, in 2020, AWS continues to grow rapidly. It reported quarterly sales of over $96 billion in 2020, which 37% higher than last year. So it's hard to call it a down going trend. One of the reason for this incredible growth is the high standard of services, features provided by AWS and their high quality in cloud computing.

Even though most people know AWS for their cloud storage and virtual machines, it offers more than 70 different services. From Internet of things to Blockchain as a service. Therefore, whatever do you need for your business, AWS is there to provide your needs. We've gathered three reasons why you should consider AWS as your cloud provider. Let's dive in!

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The HIGH geographical coverage

AWS has a massive infrastructure spanning over 77 availability zones and around 24 geographic regions in the world. Further, 2 more zones are in the working. Thus, wherever you are located, AWS provides you with high-speed services and low latencies. This is very important if your services has users in different countries and regions. The closer the users are to the zones where's the data is provided from, the lower latency and better results for your users.

Great backup options

With AWS, you can easily set up automated backups for most of your services that you use for a low cost. They provides automated backup schedules which removes the need of custom scripts and manual processes to secure your data. With AWS, your data is always safely backed-up with Amazon's Automated Multi-Region Backup. This servie make it possible for you data to have backups to multiple data centers in different locations. Therefore, even if your primary data center is affected by any disaster, you will be able to carry on your business with the backup servers, even though the risks are almost at zero. Moreover, Amazon data centers are equipped with word-class security standards as well as extensive suspicious activity monitoring. Thus, your data is always safe with AWS.

Just pay for what you use

One of the pricing benefits that Amazon Web Services has is the pay for what you use billing. Most of their services has these billing type and you can scale the billing in sync with your needs. Therefore, no resources are wasted, and you don’t end up paying any extra cash for unused services. The pay-as-you-go pricing structure is one of the main reasons behind the success of AWS. Especially, this allows small businesses to shift to the cloud without paying high upfront prices.

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