Top 3 Programming Languages of [2021]

Tomek S.    October 30    5 min

Have you every wanted to start programming? Computer programming is a rapidly growing career nowadays. Software Developers are ranked number one in the most demanding professions in the world 2021. It's an upgoing trend and especially after the quarantine due to COVID-19, the demand for programmers increased as many companies shifted their business online.
If you are looking to learn to code, you should be familiar with the different programming languages that are being used in the tech industry. There are tons of programming languages to look start with and how can you know which one is best to start with? Although you can use any programming language to start, it is always better to know which language best suits your needs and which one is most popular in the industry.

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Python is great for data science

One of the most widely used programming languages in 2021 is Python. It is the recommended first programming language for beginners as it is easy to learn. There are thousands of precompiled libraries available with detailed documentation that can get you started with minimal syntax knowledge. Python is mainly used in the field of data science and machine learning. It is also often used for web development, but for that we also have a greate programming language called JavaScript.

JavaScript, your friendly web language

JavaScript is the programming language of the web. The majority of the interactive websites are made using JavaScript and its frameworks. It is abundantly used in web development as well as for mobile applications. It is easy to learn; however, it will take a lot of practice before you can start building complete websites. There are some great libraries and frameworks such as Angular and React, which are very popular for building front end applications. When you want to build a backend server and you want to stick to one language, you can use Node.js and Express library. Here's a code example where you can learn the basics of using NodeJS and Express.

The secure and robus Java programming language

Important - first of all, Java is not the same as JavaScript, even thought it sounds. Java is a great cross-platform (OOP) Object-oriented programming language. It is widely used and it's syntax is very similar to C++. The langauge is used in tons of applications and web apps. As it has great secure architecture and multi-threaded functionality, it is a great choice for banking, transactions, stocks and billing. Also, mobile operation systems like Android uses Java API. When you program backend applications in Java you can use frameworks such as Spring, which makes great server-side applications.

Start programming today

There are tons of basic courses of programming online nowdays and you can learn to code by yourself super easy. The courses that we're providing are focused on cloud basic , not so much of coding. But there are great platforms out there where you can learn to code, such as Udemy , Coursera and Pluralsight if I name a few. We hope that you got some more knowledge about what kind of programming languages there are and how to get started, happy coding!

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