What is Cloud Computing: The Short Explanation

Tomek S.    November 6    4 min

We always hear that cloud computing is the future and becoming more popular day by day. However, most people might not even know what this term means. Therefore, today, we have brought for you the explanation of cloud computing in the simplest words.

In short, cloud computing is an on-demand service that allows a business to use resources such as processing power and storage. There are various types of cloud services, such as SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. Though, we won't go into details of these different types in this article, but we have an article about what SaaS is What is Software as a Service? in a previous blog post.

Computing power

Expenses and Scalability

In the traditional method of computing, if a business wanted to store its data, it had to get big and expensive servers. Even then, they would have to add more servers with an increase in demand. Thus, this method proved to be inefficient and costly. If a software service has a significant increase of usage over a short time, e.g. Video Chat providers during the pandemic, the computing power must be accessible, else it slows down. In traditional methods of computing it means that they would need to increase the ammount of servers manually, which is a high cost for the company. Contrarily, this would also be a problem for the company if the demand will decrease over time, then they would be sitting with a bunch of unused serves.

There are cloud providers all over the world

This is where cloud computing comes in. Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure and many more providers allow businesses to use their resources at a remote data center. This means that businesses pay only for what they use. Moreover, they can always scale up the resources when needed and also scale down. This then removes the need for companies to invest up-front in costly servers and their maintenance. Therefore, with the high potential scalability and "pay what you use model", smaller businesses have also started using cloud computing.

Moreover, since cloud computing occurs at remote data centers, it is accessible from anywhere in the world. Except the increase of higher accessibility, cloud computing has changed the world of online collaboration. Now, large teams can work together on projects seamlessly through the cloud. Whereas such collaboration was not possible with traditional computing in the same manner.

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