What is Saas? (Software as a Service) - We explain!

Tomek S.    October 12    5 min

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a cloud-based model that allows you to use software without any installation. Instead, SaaS applications make use of the internet browser to provide their services. These SaaS applications can basically be anything. Microsoft Office 365 and Slack are a good example of SaaS. You can use both these services without having to install anything on your computer.

High scalability and availability

This model has several benefits, especially for small businesses. SaaS applications can run on any internet browser. Thus, they do not require a specific operating system and a high-end machine to run. Therefore, smaller businesses can avoid the cost of setting up expensive computers. They can access SaaS on which computers they have available.

Another benefit of SaaS is that it is hassle-free. The traditional software requires lengthy installation and updates. On the other hand, SaaS applications are readily available. Moreover, the updates are done automatically on the back end. Due to this lack of maintenance in SaaS, businesses can reduce their IT spending.

Saas-bolag Slack

Cloud-based services are becoming more and more

When traditional software is used, it requires to have an on-premise storage solution. Moreover, businesses also then invest in backing up the data in this storage to the cloud. However, SaaS removes both of these costs as it does not require any physical storage. When using a SaaS application, the data is stored in the cloud anyways.

The success of SaaS companies has increased radically in recent years new smart services are constantly being developed that solve problems in everyday life. Big reason for more SaaS services have come about much depends on that improvement in cloud services that drive the entire infrastructure for many company. The opportunities to be able to specify and create niche products with exceptional features streamlines from small businesses to large companies have become huge.

SaaS is here to stay

Software as a Service has really increased significantly and is here to stay. If you want to learn more about how it is works with cloud services to be able to get a better one overview of SaaS or start building in the cloud yourself? Check in our guide about how to learn the basics in the cloud - we always share us interesting information for our readers!

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