Where is our data actually stored in the Cloud?

Tomek S.    October 16    5 min

Every day, we are moving towards a cloud-based world. Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud, as well as the average user. However, there are still many misconceptions and misunderstandings about the cloud.

Many people seem to ask this question: where is the cloud data stored? No, it is not stored on the clouds, as the name suggests. Instead, it is actually saved in hard drives, just like our standard storage. However, these hard drives are packed into thousands of servers in data centers around the world.

Datacenter på natten

Data centers around the world

Each cloud provider, such as Amazon and Google, has its own data centers which are stationed all over the whole world It is there that you will find your data. However, unlike conventional storage, the data is not permanently stored in one place in a cloud. Instead, it is continuously flowing and making itself more efficient and optimized.

Another misconception about the cloud is that it lacks the security of conventional storage. Whereas, in reality, it is exactly the opposite. The cloud data is replicated in multiple locations and is protected by the biggest companies in the world. On the other hand, conventional storage only has a single instance, and it is more prone to attacks.

GDPR + Cloud Computing?

Moreover, now with the GDPR being implemented, cloud providers have to keep a strict check on the safety of your data. The GDPR ensures that your cloud data is kept completely secure, encrypted, and safe from leaks. Further, it ensures the privacy of your personnel data as cloud providers now cannot store it for longer than required.

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