The Ultimate Basic Guide for Amazon Web Services

Learn more about cloud services and AWS as your cloud provider

Reasons to use AWS

If you've decided to start using the cloud for your services, one of the first things to do is to choose which provider you want to use. There are plenty of good public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM etc. We suggest to stick to one from the beginning and AWS is one of our favorites. You can of course try out all of them, but we've gathered some reasons to use AWS.

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Choosing the right region

When you are setting up your AWS environment, launching a service or just storing some data, you're doing it somewhere physically in the world. The regions are the locations where the datacenters physically contians the computing power which runs your code or stores your data, and you want to set it right for your needs. There are many reasons to determine which region you should have, check it out.

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Moving big data

Maybe you haven't wondered this before, but how is the data transfered up to the cloud in the first place? We're talking about large amount of data for some services which is moved up to the cloud. Think about moving peta bites of data up to the cloud, could your bandwith handle it, or do we have to use other alternatives? Let's find out!

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What is AWS S3?

Do you want to host a static website as cheap as possible (almost zero cost)? Or maybe storing important tons of important immuntable documents for ages without risking any loss? Then we've got AWS S3 Storage service which will help us with that!

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What is AWS EC2?

When you want to have your data running in the cloud, there must be some kind of computing power in the background. AWS EC2 is Amazons service for running your instances, for example when you're running your backend service or maybe a Wordpress webiste. This is one of the main services that are provided by public cloud companies and to have your code running in the cloud.

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Why should you use load balancer

You web application is gaining traffic and there are coming people from the whole world. You have multiple AWS EC2 Instances that are running in the background to handle all the traffic, but how do you set up the requests so it's distributed equally for all the instances? Well, AWS has Load balancing services that are perfect choice for that.

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